Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp Seed Oil
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Hemp Seed Oil

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30 ML
Our iconic hemp seed oil is optimum for most skin types as it can moisturize without clogging pores. It can help to balance out oily skin, hydrates the skin and regulates the skin’s oil production. It boosts new skin cell generation due to the presence of GLA. It acts like a magical oil for the hair as it prevents water loss and spreads moisture into the hair and scalp. Hemp seed oil drastically enhances hair growth as it improves blood circulation on the scalp. It also prevents hair breakage and keeps the hair well-nourished and hydrated.
Suitable for oily skin type. Those with more sensitive types, should spot test first. ASARA recommends to use this oil daily for best results.
Avoid eye contact. For external use only. Keep away from sunlight and children. Consult physician before using if pregnant.
Light Yellow
100% Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil
  • For Skin:
    1. After daily morning skin care ritual, slightly warm the finger tips for activating blood circulation.
    2. Dispense 2-3 drops of hemp seed oil and gently apply the oil onto slightly damp face and neck until fully absorbed.
    3. For morning ritual, mix it with your favourite moisturiser. Make sure to apply sunscreen.
    4. For night ritual, let the applied oil absorb well before getting into the bed.
    5. Best results when combined with Retinol.
  • For Hair:
    1. Divide the hair to visualize the scalp for easy application of the oil.
    2. Use 2-3 drops of oil on the scalp directly and massage gently for better absorption.
    3. Comb gently again and tie your hair in a loose pony tail
    4. Do the same from forehead towards the hairline.