At Asara we have a stringent process to decide which products to add to our brand. We conducted market research to understand the needs of our consumers, and came up with the perfect assortment of luxury skin care products.

Our team spent months poring over the medicinal properties of various ingredients and their components. We bring you products that are safe, non toxic, and highly effective. We believe in fast results you can see and feel and we believe in the power of nature & science to bring in these results.

Every ingredient we include in our products are there for specific therapeutic reasons. We use highly “active” ingredients & bio actives, this results in pure highly concentrated effective formulas. All formulas are tried and tested by us on real people never on animals. We emphasise on organic high quality and premium formulations.

We formulate products that combine essential vitamins, minerals and botanicals to restore skin to its optimum health and vitality.

We at Asara, have carefully curated our collection with the sole desire to make a difference in our consumer’s beauty and health.

Our Values

Natural Clean & Non-Toxic

We create products that we love to use, in our everyday rituals by using effective ingredients that are found in nature. You will find all-natural ingredients in our products. What you will never find us doing is diluting our formulations with fillers or using harmful chemicals because we want to achieve radiant skin through natural safe methods.

Sustainability Initiatives

we move forward towards creating products that are good for you and good for the earth.

Made with Clear Intension

Each ingredient has a purpose and each product we create is natural and vegan. We do not compromise on the quality of our products; our true intension is to provide you with clean skin care and hair care.


Asara is here to serve you as a source of wellness and beauty, guide your body into a place of healing through luxury facial tools skin care and hair care.

Our Story

When I moved to uk for studies, I noticed how young people were obsessed with cosmetics and skincare like I’ve never seen before. As an outsider of both the country and the beauty industry, I was able to spot a white space.

I saw an opportunity to bring clean, affordable beauty products to the masses that didn’t stick to the rules of emphasised perfection, or what I call the ‘aspirational realness’ that you see from a lot of brands.

Our company is all about giving skin kind, clean and premium quality products at affordable prices. We are glad to say that we are a company that relies on faster supply chain than other competitors. 

Meet The Founder

Sana Sheikh  Asara for me is purely a passion project born out of my love for Vegan & sustainable beauty

I wanted to reimagine skincare by making it clean, well-edited, and accessible. 

I personally relate more with no filter/real unedited faces which according to me is the real perfection. I don’t relate to the artificial Instagram beautification of everyday life. ASARA really embodies that. Making sure your skin feels improved and better after using our skin kind products. 

Our mission is to help all people achieve only good (skin) days ahead through curated selection of skincare products.

Our Products Are Created Without

Synthetic Ingredients




Animal Testing 

Mineral oil